RTI Integration Designer 9.12 verfügbar

24. September 2013

Version 9.1.2 fixes the following issues with version 9.1.1:

  • Merge Pages dialog for T2-Cs/T2-Cs+ doesn’t show the whole page
  • Channel Macro Wizard doesn’t show the whole page for T3-V/T3-V+
  • Channel Macro Wizard missing “Next Frame” and “Previous Frame” when editing T2x
  • Virtual Panels and RTiPanels newly created with version 9.1 or version 9.1.1 are unable to connect
  • Unable to add video window objects to iPad or iPhone 4
  • “Beep” macro step not available in standalone macros
  • Unable to download to RK10 via network
  • Accessing the slave keypad on an RK-1 causes a crash

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Integration Designer 9.1 verfügbar

5. September 2013

Version 9.1 adds support for the T2x, KX2, and T1-B+.

Additional changes in this release:

  • Fixed RTiPanel for Android page wizard.
  • Updated RS-232 library.
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements.

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