Integration Designer Version 9.0 und neue Controller Firmware

13. May 2013

Product News

Alles Neu bringt der Mai!

RTI bringt mit dem ID 9.0 das größte Update, das es die letzten Jahre für die Programmiersoftware gab.

Folgende Änderungen bringt der Release mit sich:

* Master/Slave mode: Additional processors can now be added as expansion devices to the master processor. All resources of the slave processors (IR ports, serial ports, relays, sense ports, etc) are available through the single master processor. Drivers can optionally be assigned to run on a slave processor if their resource usage warrants it. The master and all slave processors communicate via Ethernet.

* Multiple Zigbee Networks: In conjunction with the master/slave processor mode, slave processors can now form completely independent Zigbee networks. This is useful in scenarios where it may not be possible to use ZM-24s to wirelessly bridge all the processors into a single network.

* XP Diagnostic driver support

* RCM-4 support

* Additional driver capabilities: Dynamic naming, dynamic reconfiguration. Tools to allow driver writers to take advantage of these capabilities will be available in a few weeks.

* Redesigned Undo system. The undo system is now faster and uses significantly less memory, which should eliminate “Out of Memory” errors.

* Redesigned System Macro Driver configuration item. This will make the configuration panel for drivers that use this item (the Virtual * Selector * series) perform significantly better.

* Show All Devices on Local network command added to make it easier to view the IP and MAC addresses of the RTI devices on a network.

* Full support for Android devices that have different status bar heights in Portrait and Landscape mode (RTiPanel update required)

* Improved dithering algorithm for devices with 16bpp color displays. In conjunction with the forthcoming KX7 firmware update, the appearance of gradients and translucent buttons on the KX7 has been significantly improved.

* Support for the KX7’s built-in serial port (one-way only, requires KX7 firmware update that will be available shortly)

* Import/Export driver configuration commands: Store the configuration of any driver into a file that can be imported into another system file.

* SURFiR fixes: Enabled the Delete Page command, fixed support for more than 8 pages, and show a warning message when downloading to a processor containing firmware without SURFiR support.

* Configure Templates command added. With this, you can disable templates that you don’t use, to speed up program loading and reduce the number of bitmaps to scroll through in the bitmap library.

* Updated IR library

Firmware Updates for XP Processors

In addition to Integration Designer 9.0, there are new firmware updates available for XP series control processors.  These firmware updates are necessary to take advantage of the new features of ID9. 

* Added support for RCM-4.
* Added support for Master/Slave configurations.
* Added support for Zigbee/RS485 sub-networks.
* Added support for XP Diagnostics driver.
* Driver API version 11:
– Added logging APIs (System.LogInfo, System.LogEerror, System.LogLevel, System.GetViewName).
* Additional bug fixes and performance improvements.