CP-450 and CP-1650 Amps have started shipping!

23. April 2012


For use with the AD-8 Distributed Audio System

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SpeakerCraft Ruckus: Highfidele Steine für den Garten

11. April 2012

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iKNiX – KNX Gateway with App and RTI support

4. April 2012

iKNiX is proud to present the easiest and fastest KNX solution for iPhone/iPad, Android and – NOW – RTI.

All you need is our KNiX Port and our free RTI to KNX driver for all XP-series RTI controllers (XP-8, XP-6 and XP-3) which allows you to take full control of any KNX system.

We offer 2 models:

V2+ with 250 data points for 250 group addresses
V3+ with 1.000 data points for 1.000 group addresses

We currently support the following features:
•    Lights: switch and dim with bi-directional feedback
•    Blinds: full bi-directional feedback
•    HVAC: display current temp and adjust the set temp
•    Status: monitor any status activity such as windows/doors open, alarm armed, etc.
•    AUX: send any KNX conform messages to the bus such as text or heating information
•    Events: trigger any events from the KNX side, so you can press a KNX switch to make the RTI controller turn on or off your entertainment system control SONOS from any KNX switch (additional SONOS driver from mydevices needed)

Our KNiX Port can also be used as a KNX programming device and offers unlimited control opportunities.

Check out this video to see it in action:

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