RTI Webinars in March 2011

16. February 2011

Expanded Training

Expand your skill set by participating in these live web events.  Learn the tools that will speed programming, exploit your creativity, and increase profit margins on every job!

March 21, 2011; 10:00 – 11:30

RTI Control System Orientation
This training will familiarize you with the entire line of control solutions from RTI. From handheld and in-wall controllers, to control processors and accessories, RTI offers control solutions to meet the unique needs of the custom installation professional. This is a can’t miss class if you are new to RTI, or simply want to get up to speed on the many exciting new and soon to be released products.

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March 22, 2011 10:00 – 12:00

Level 1-Basic Programming with Integration Designer
Get familiar with RTI’s renowned Integration Designer programming software! Designed exclusively to meet the unique programming demands of the custom installation industry, this software is used to program every RTI product:  Handheld controllers, In-wall controllers, and Control Processors.  Level One will introduce you to the programming process to customize virtually any RTI product, including Basic GUI layout, IR control options, and basic macro options.

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March 23, 2011 10:00 – 12:00

Level 2-Intermediate Programming with Integration Designer
This training will expand on the many programming features available within Integration Designer.  Advanced macro design including RS232 control, relays, and basic flag applications will be covered in detail.  Level 2 also features an open question and answer session to discuss your current projects!

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March 24, 2011 10:00– 12:00

Level 3-Advanced Programming with Integration Designer
Become a master of Integration Designer Programming software with this course.  Some of the topics discussed in this training will include 2 way programming applications, using and programming the XP-Series control processors, using multiple central processors, complex flag applications, RS-232, and advanced interface design options. We will also have an open question and answer session for any unique programming challenges you may encounter. This class requires completion of RTI Level 1 and 2 training, and presumes an intermediate level of Integration Designer competency.

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RTI Poised to Win Philips Pronto Dealers in Europe

14. February 2011
RTI’s European partners are writing KNX and other software drivers to help attract former Philips Pronto dealers.

RTI EIB/KNX interface at ISE 2011 (Click here to enlarge).

Who will win Philips Pronto dealers? URC, RTI, Control4?
The recent Integrated Systems Europe show was the first one without Philips Pronto, which abandoned the market for high-end remote controls. Control4, URC, RTI are all gearing… View this discussion thread.
By Julie Jacobson CEPro
February 08, 2011

When Philips Pronto died its final death, one of the brand’s biggest distributors turned to Remote Technologies Inc.(RTI)

“Life is all about evolution and proactivity,” said Philippe Loupias of France-based distributor Pilote Films. “We have already moved to RTI.”

During the recent Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam, RTI was poised to take over former Pronto dealers, duking it out with Control4, URC and others vying for the remote control business once dominated by Philips.

Pronto was perhaps best known for its large number of two-way drivers for both the European and American markets, but had a relatively paltry number of hardware controls.

“They may have more drivers,” says RTI VP sales and marketing Pete Baker, “but we have far more products, including remotes and processors.”

RTI is beefing up its software drivers for the European market. At ISE 2011, the company demonstrated a new interface for KNX (EIB), the dominant home-control protocol in Europe.

“From a technology standpoint, RTI at least is on the same level as Pronto,” says Vivateq’s Alexander Tempel (right), with RTI’s Pete Baker.

Since RTI released its software developers kit (SDK) in 2010, distributor partner Vivateq has been busy writing KNX drivers for popular European subsystems, including HVAC controls and motorized blinds.

“From a technology standpoint, RTI at least is on the same level as Pronto,” says Alexander Tempel, managing director of Vivateq.

He says it was relatively easy for Philips Pronto to penetrate the European market because of the company’s Amsterdam and Belgium headquarters. “Everybody knows Philips here,” says Tempel.

With Pronto out of the picture, Tempel is confident RTI can dominate the European market.

Vivateq’s CTG-KNX/IP bridges KNX-compatible devices with the home network, enabling two-way control with RTI processors. For configuration, no EIB/KNX programming skills are required, according to Vivateq. All settings are entered into the RTI Integration Designer drag-and-drop programming environment.