Gefen product of the month

26. October 2010

This month we want to focus on some small and unobtrusive, but very useful products from the GefenTV line:

The GefenTV Audio Tools.

Once developed as little helpers for the domestic and home cinema market, they now are widely used also in ProAV, Digital Signage, Installed Sound applications and many more similar market segments where a small and quick solution is needed for dealing with simple analogue and digital audio Interfaces.
Reasons enough for presenting them as our “product of the month”.

Convert between Digital Audio Interfaces with ease, using the GefenTV digital Audio Translator! This versatile tool switches between two inputs (S/PDIF and TOSLink) and outputs the digital signal simultaneously at its S/PDIF and TOSLink outputs.

Serves also as a repeater for the digital audio signal and doubles the transferring distance. So it is a Switcher-Splitter-Converter-Extender. All at the same time! Supports 2ch. LPCM and compressed Multichannel Audio formats like Dolby Digital (AC3).

Switch between two digital Audio sources.If you need to add another digital optical Audio Input (TOSLink) to a system, the GefenTV digital Audio Switcher 2:1 is the perfect choice!

Also it doubles the reach of your digital audio cable. Input and output cables may be up to 5m long each. Supports 2ch. PCM and compressed multichannel audio (Dolby Digital).

Split your digital audio signal. For processing your digital Audio Signal (TOSLink) separately or feeding it to separate rooms, you can go for expensive Audio processor or just add the GefenTV digital Audio Splitter 1:2 to your system.

Actively it splits the incoming optical TOSLink digital audio signal (2ch. PCM or compressed multichannel audio) into two separate outputs.

This is a digital to analogue audio converter box. It accepts digital audio signal input through either Coaxial (S/PDIF, Cinch) or Optical (TOSLink) input via a switch, and converts it to analog audio signal (L/R) output.

The GTV-DIGAUD-2AAUD is the perfect solution if you want to reproduce digital Audio over your analogue Stereo Amplifier! Digital Input format is 2ch. LPCM with Sample rates from 32-96kHz and bit depth up to 24bit.

For converting Multichannel Dolby Digital (AC3) to Stereo analogue, GTVDD-2-AA is the right selection: In addition to D/A conversion for LPCM it also decodes and converts Dolby Digital 5.1 into 2 channels of analogue audio. Great for feeding digital Audio from your new LCD or Plasma Screen to your stereo Amplifier!

To integrate your analogue Audio Equipment into digital signal management or just adding an analogue Stereo Input to your AV Receiver: The GefenTV analogue to digital Audio Converter. Analogue Audio Signals fed to the RCA Input will be converted to uncompressed PCM digital Audio and output on TOSLink and S/PDIF Interface simultaneously.