Imerge MS1-HD

31. March 2010

Stores Blu-ray Whilst the XiVA Music Store Lets You Browse All Day (Video from the ISE 2010)


Entertainment pioneers Imerge announced two world premiers at the show.
The MS1- HD full BD media storage and playback device, and their XiVA music store.

The MS1-HD stores CD BD and DVD, each disc uses cover art for identification and classification whilst the 1080p output resolution GUI allows you to scroll by type, artist, genre etc. to find the album/movie you want. The cover art allows for an easy to see, colourful and simple to navigate display that accesses instantly so there is no loading time just simple, easy, playback storage and HD playback.

The XiVA music store turns the MS-1 server into an Imerge music store. Previously to purchase music, you may go to iTunes or Amazon, sample it on a poor sounding PC instead of your main music system. The XiVA music store changes this and it allows you to search your own collections and search on line to genre link to other albums/songs that are available and match your music profile.

The on-line display merges with that of the Imerge Gui, and you can search, select and sample it for 30 seconds, click purchase and off you go. The purchased music is stored into a “Cloud sky locker” that allows loading to other items such as portable media players etc.

The XiVA music store also has a YouTube link which again synchronises the GUI so that you can check out associated tracks that you want and albums you can purchase. Imerge now plays the part of the shop assistant by suggesting similar music tastes and genre links for your perusal and playback.

XiVA Music Store – The Ultimate Evolution of Music Purchasing

31. March 2010

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